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  • Seasonal Serves – Spiced Ginger Toddy

    A delicious alternative to mulled wine, that can also be made without the vermouth for a non-alcoholic option

    100ml Peter Spanton Nº3 Dry Ginger – warmed and infused with star anise, orange, cloves and thyme, 50 ml Red Vermouth (optional), fresh thyme and red apple slice for garnish

  • Bitter Sweet

    100ml Peter Spanton Nº4 Chocolate Tonic

    50ml Lazzaroni Amaretto

    Mixed over ice and garnish with orange twist

  • Ginger Spritz (non alcoholic)

    200ml Peter Spanton Nº3 Dry Ginger

    Cinnamon syrup

    Serve over ice with an orange twist garnish

  • Spiced Old Fashioned

    50 ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon

    1 x bar spoon Perter Spanton Nº3 Dry Ginger reduction

    2 or 3 drops Angostura Bitters

    1 large ice cube

    Stir down and garnish with orange twist

  • Nº5 & Vodka – Perfect Serve

    50ml vodka into tall glass over ice, top up with,

    Nº5 Lemongrass Tonic, garnish with a ‘clapped’ kaffir lime leaf.

  • Sloe Gin Paloma

    Stir 50ml Sloe gin into a tall glass filled with ice.

    Top up with Nº13 and garnish with a sprig of lemon thyme.

  • Perfect Serve: Sakura Flower


    Ingredients: 35 Jinzu Gin, 25 Kirakira (cherry liqueur), 10 vanilla sugar syrup,
    fresh lemon juice, 1 drop hibiscus bitters, 1 drop grapefruit bitters, 1 drop
    peach bitters, gold glitter, top up with Beverage Nº9 Cardamom Tonic.

    Created by: Bartosz Jakowiec | Venue: Quo Vadis

  • Perfect Serve: ‘Marty McDry’

    Ingredients: 20ml of gin, crème de cacao blanc, lemon, dry vermouth, shaken with an egg white,
    top with Peter Spanton Nº4 Chocolate Tonic

    Created by: Fin Spiteri | Venue: Quo Vadis

  • Old Fashioned Notcher

    Nº3 Dry Ginger – Perfect Serve

    2 shots whisky, 1/2 shot simple syrup, a dash of bitters, finish with Nº3 Dry Ginger.

    In memory of Notcher Spanton 1928-2012